The objectives through which ASF shall accomplish its mission shall be:

  • Ensure understanding and support of its mission to its partners, the public, sports participants, and industry.
  • Establish training, education, and safety programs for action sports and make those programs available for use by action sports organizations.
  • Promote and preserve respect for the marine and coastal environment.
  • Organize community building events in action sports.
  • Increase participation in action sports at all levels.
  • Perform community service through organized events, such as environmental cleanups and safety clinics, coordinated with state and local agencies.
  • Provide programs and venues for professional athletes and certified instructors to work with youth to introduce action sports in a safe, positive manner to promote responsibility and goodwill in the community.
  • Educate the public through public service announcements and other media on issues related to action sports, such as helmet use, skin cancer awareness, protection of the environment, and preservation of waterways.
  • Obtain grants for the purpose of expanding community programs, public education, safety awareness, organized events, increased access, and support for action sports organizations.
  • Partner with industry in the mutual pursuit of growing action sports and¬†promoting responsibility and goodwill throughout the community.
  • Work with local agencies and government to protect access of existing action sports venues and waterways, obtain new venues and waterways, and assisting in increasing safety at these locations.
  • Assist action sports organizations to preserve and expand access to action sports venues.
  • Organize and execute fundraising programs for purposes of fulfilling the ASF Mission.

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