Tony Torres


August 2020

Tony Torres

Executive Director

Greetings, I am a graphic artist, writer and WCMX Athlete. Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 1976 with Spina Bifida and my family shortly after moved to the states in search for better medical care. I was raised in St. Petersburg FL, growing up like most Spina Bifida individuals, in and out of the hospital dealing with various health issues. However, since I was very young, I not only used the wheelchair to maneuver the world but also found ways to have fun by practicing tricks, spins, and wheelies

In 2014 at the age of 37, I decided to write a children book, called Jimmy Wheelz and the Minilights. A topic I had since my early teens while hospitalized, but never was able to get it together. It was then when I decided to get more involved in WCMX and follow through with my vision of creating not only positive characters but get involved in a world where I could make a difference.

“When things push you down, don’t quit! Get up and push back harder.” by Tony Torres Vanga

I sincerely would like to thank my sponsors for making my dreams a reality. Special thanks to Anthony Quinones, JR Miller, Steve Sadler, Tina Tallman,  ASF Adaptive Sports, JD from Herbal Remedy Clothing, Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida, and the Florida WCMX crew for providing me with the means and motivation to compete at my peak performance. It’s truly an honor to represent this community on the world stage and to help raise awareness of the adaptive sports lifestyle.

Together, we can show children living with disabilities that it’s still possible for them to train, compete, and become a hero- even to the strongest of people.