Tina Tallman


August 2020

Tina Tallman

Vice President

My name is Tina Tallman and I am a Physical Therapist Assistant. I have been practicing PT for 20 years in a variety of settings and have been working in Adaptive Medical Fitness for 6 years.

My clients are assessed individually to create a workout plan that suits their specific needs while working out in a group setting. The classes work on fitness, independence, socialization, strengthening, overall confidence and more!

I strive to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. I will work hard to ensure that everyone I train will move closer to becoming the person they want to become and achieve the goals they want to achieve. I specialize in life-changing fitness, and lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs. This is done one step at a time, giving the client a chance to adjust to the changes, both emotionally and physically.

“I realized how much of a need there was to create a new, fun fitness gym that would benefit those with special needs.” Tina Tallman

My clients will be motivated and ready to make a change in their lives towards better health, whatever that means for them. They will be positive, open-minded people who want to make a difference in this world by first growing themselves, and thus, touching their families and friends as a result.

I am invested in my clients and strive to exceed expectations of what they want and need. I care about them as individuals and thrilled to see the transformation of a client’s body, belief systems, and ultimately, their lives.