Steve Sadler


August 2020

Steve Sadler


Hi, I’m Steve Sadler, Founder and President of Action Sports Foundation and this is our vision.

Spending a lifetime in action sports, I’ve seen the incredibly positive impact it makes on people’s lives, both physically and mentally, and always enjoyed helping others, so ASF is a combination of everything I love into one incredible organization.

A lot of us remember our childhood building ramps to jump with our bikes, riding around on skateboards, and the eternal joy of jumping curbs. Some of us just chose to never stop chasing that joy, and never stopped sharing it with others.
My lifetime in action sports began in the mid-70’s, when our skateboards were a “shoe skate” taken apart and nailed to a 2×4. It was the worst ride ever event but that’s what we had at the time. I eventually got a better board, but Evel Knievil was my hero, so my BMX bike was always my passion. I would jump every curb I saw, build dirt jumps and ramps with the older kids, and was overall a pretty rad kid. Once the 80’s arrived, BMX “Freestyle” really hit the action sports world and I got really good at it. I rode everyday, and mixed in skateboarding and any other action sports stuff I could do through my teens and twenties. I started dealing with injures when I was around 27 and the riding took a back seat to adulting. I was into mountain biking during that time, but once I saw the sport of Kiteboarding, I was instantly hooked! I learned in the early days when the gear was sketchy and somewhat unsafe by today’s standards. I started teaching and got my IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor certification and opened a Kiteboarding School here in Tampa Bay.