Share The Skate!

Share The Skate Campaign

The team at ASF decided to take these brand new #ShareTheSkate decks, sprinkle in some magic, and scatter them to the winds- just see what kind of goodness it creates along the way! We already know a skateboard has the power change lives, and want to show the world the kind of people the skateboarding lifestyle creates.
We’re going to document the journeys of these decks & share the results through our social media channels & we’re truly excited to see where it goes! If you’re out there making a difference in this world for others, you never know when one may land on your doorstep! That’s what this campaign is all about!
Where will the next one go? And, what will be the incredible story behind it?
We have NO IDEA, but are really looking forward to seeing where life takes it and the magic it creates!

Share The Skate and Win!

  1. Pick up a Share The Skate Deck on our website, at an ASF event, or by folllowing our social media channels for random opportunities to win #ShareTheSkate decks and gear.

2. Get out there and find someone who inspires you, or needs skating in their life and Share The Skate with them!
3.  Submit an inspiring video about why you picked this person to #ShareTheSkate with. All videos submitted will be showcased on our Youtube and social media channels, and automatically entered to win #STS gear, cash, and prizes.

So, where will the next STS board end up?
That’s up to YOU! We look forward to finding out, so get out there and Share The Skate!

Show us what #ShareTheSkate means to you & we’ll show what YOU mean to us!

Tips For Submitting An Awesome Video

The Share The Skate movement has just begun, so take your time, and create a gameplan to document this act of awesomeness.  Think about the best way to tell the story about this person & what they do to help or inspire others. Maybe it’s a key person in your community or local council who’s helped get a skatepark built, runs a skate program, or is out there making a difference in the world through skateboarding. We want to know the story behind these awesome people, and the world does too! Doing some good in the neighborhood is what it’s ALL about!
The best #ShareTheSkate videos will go head-to-head in a YouTube battle for serious cash and prizes.

Contest Rules and Details

  • All Share The Skate video submissions for this campaign will be displayed on Action Sports Foundation and ASF Adaptive Sports social media and YouTube channels.
  • Viewers will watch, decide, and vote on who has the best Share The Skate story to share, and will win some pretty cool prizes & exclusive Share The Skate schwag.
  • We will be awarding prizes for monthly winners, as well as automatically entering them for the Grand Prize.
Submit Your Video Here

We will release more details on the contest soon. Stay tuned to our websites or social media below:
Action Sports Foundation YouTube Channel
Action Sports Foundation Facebook Page
ASF Adaptive Sports Facebook Page
ASF Instagram

We will release more details on the contest soon. Stay tuned to our websites or social media below:

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