ASF Adaptive Sports Jam 2019

The 2019 ASF Adaptive Sports Jam was a first-of-its-kind adaptive sports event that took place in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida this past weekend. We partnered up with our west-coast family, SoCal WCMX, to throw down an amazing weekend packed full of WCMX, Adaptive Skateboarding, live music, and more! We knew this event would be a hit, but WOW, we have been overwhelmed with positive feedback and support from the community!

St. Petersburg, FL is one of America’s best action sports cities

The event took place at the brand new St. Pete Skate park , which is one of the largest skate parks on the East coast of the US, built by our friends over at Team Pain Skate parks. This skate park was a perfect venue for an adaptive event, as practically all of the park is accessible by wheelchair & connected to the hotel next door by a sidewalk. Great job by the City of St. Petersburg working with the action sports community to help revitalize the Campbell Park area.
Practice day for the event was Friday, Feb 15th and the athletes had a chance to check out the park and plan some lines for their runs. With the hotel being next door, it was quick & easy to go grab a session and rest at the hotel for round two.
The main event took place on Saturday, with setup beginning at 8:00 A.M. The skate park itself is massive and already has a great layout, and adding a few kickers & rails really opened up the opportunities for radness.

Check out a video of all the action here-

To help with the official judging of the competition, clinic programming, and competition announcements, ASF brought our West Coast partners SOCAL WCMX, and Action Park Alliance Skate park , from Fontana, California. These groups are comprised of leaders in the WCMX community, and train top WCMX athletes, on the west coast. They host clinics, programs, and play an important role in governing this exciting, new sport.

They assisted in judging the heats, and included: WCMX World Champion Aaron Fotheringham from Nevada, 2nd place winner Blake Simpson, from California, and Jerry Diaz, from Orlando. The competition was both fierce and diverse, featuring talent that spanned across age, ability, and gender. Competitors included Tracie Garacochea, from California, and Tia Pearl, from Illinois. These ladies are two of the world’s top competitors in the sport.

Adding to the event’s diversity was an Adaptive Skate competition for amputees. Adaptive Skaters like Ernie Ibarra, from Arizona, Oscar Loreto, from California, and Justin Beauchesne, from St Pete, showcased their talent and the potential of adaptive athletes.

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