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Costumers With a Cause

Action Sports Foundation is a 501(c)3 located in Central Florida. Their mission is to assist in positive growth of adaptive action sports by providing increased training opportunities, tools, and resources to sport participants, the public, and related industries. They bring together able-bodied angels & adaptive sport participants to help raise awareness and increase participation in adaptive sports on a local “grass roots” level. In other words, they help kids stay fit and have fun that otherwise, might miss out! 🙂 100% of all donations will go to ASF and are tax deductible.
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Adaptive Sports Initiative

Action Sports Foundation will mobilize its adaptive sports clinics for the first North and Central Florida Adaptive Sports Awareness Initiative, an inspiring and unique community effort planned, produced, and promoted. Its focus is simple— to educate, empower, inspire, and connect the next generation of athletes to adaptive sports.
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Adaptive Fitness

Adaptive Fitness Program: Adaptive fitness is personal training for those with disabilities. The workouts are adapted to the needs of the individual. These workouts might include strength training, stretching, Pilates, massage, core work, and cardio. The Perfect Fit is specialized in adaptive training for amputees and those with spinal cord injuries.
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Embrace The Magic!

Help the athletes by helping us fill a trailer filled with all the necessary safety and adaptive sports equipment. It will facilitate bringing ramps, rails, and other custom skatepark accessories to demonstrations through Florida, away from the skatepark.
Raised: $5.00
Goal: $2,500.00