ASF Adaptive Sports Jam 2020

February 14th-16th, 2020 will be a weekend of competition, fun, inspiration, and achieving goals for wheelchair sports players, fans watching, and volunteers participating in a special St. Petersburg, FL 2ndst Annual Adaptive Sports Jam organized by ASF Adaptive Sports and SoCal WCMX.

Being in a wheelchair or having another serious disability doesn’t have to be the end of someone’s drive to compete, be athletic, and to push themselves in friendly challenges to achieve physical goals. The good news is organizations are out there to help potential wheelchair athletes, and others, get ready for events and then compete. Two leaders in this space is the charitable community organization ASF Adaptive Sports, from Florida, and West Coast leaders in Wheelchair Motocross related activities Southern California’s SoCal WCMX. In exciting news, the groups recently announced they are again partnering up to hold the 2nd Annual Adaptive Sports Jam on February 14th- 16th 2020 in St. Petersburg, Florida. They are passionately putting out the call for athletes, more sponsors, and volunteers to come make the event even more amazing, and show support for wheelchair athletes. Their approach to adaptive sports organizing is inclusive, fun, and puts an emphasis on keeping things as safe as possible.

“When I was introduced to WCMX, I knew I wanted to be involved with the sport. As I learned more about it, I was so inspired to see how much it was changing the lives of people who depend on using a wheelchair daily. They have many obstacles to overcome and WCMX helps to increase their confidence while negotiating life in a wheelchair,” commented Tina Tallman, Vice President of ASF Adaptive Sports. “That’s the spirit behind our ASF Adaptive Sports Jam and we know it is going to be a win-win for everyone involved, from the wheelchair athletes, to the volunteers, to the friends, family, and the enthusiastic community members who come out and show support.”

The 2nd Annual Adaptive Sports Jam will be held at the new St. Petersburg Skatepark, located in Campbell Park near downtown St. Petersburg and is a very well-regarded place for action sports. The event’s format showcases a variety of adaptive and action sports that are enjoyed in the local area with highlights like WCMX/ Adaptive Skateboarding, Wheelchair Sports, Wind Sports, Water Sports, and even a Wheelchair Obstacle Course featuring a wide range of diverse challenges for chair users of all ages. The event is completely family-friendly, so the little ones can come along and watch the excitement.

Of course, holding something like the 2nd Annual Adaptive Sports Jam would be impossible without dedicated sponsors who care about wheelchair athletes, people with other disabilities, and the community-spirit in general. So far, the All-Star sponsors include ASF Adaptive Sports, SoCal WCMX. Me & U Fitness Academy, St. Pete Clearwater Sports & Events, Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida, Box Wheelchairs, Herbal Remedy Clothing, the St. Petersburg Skatepark Alliance, and the City of St. Petersburg themselves.

All things said it seems very clear 2nd Annual Adaptive Sports Jam is not something to miss or, even better, participate in the competition, or volunteer to help.

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About ASF Adaptive Sports

ASF Adaptive Sports is a division of Action Sports Foundation, a Florida based 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to promote responsibility and goodwill throughout the community through the platform of action sports.

Our primary focus is providing public education, creating safety-based training events, training materials and programs, establishing youth and adaptive sports programs, and serving as a resource to action sports athletes, organizations, and industry.


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