The Childrens Home Beach Day #2

 The Second Annual Childrens Home Beach Day for the Kids went down Wed. Aug. 5th on North Beach at Ft. Desoto Park. This is the most highly anticipated event of the year, not only for the kids and staff of the Childrens Home, but for the large crowd of volunteers who help make this happen! This event was put together by local homey, Mike Hall, who is a Cabrinha sponsored pro kiter. Mike is known for throwing down a great party, and this event was no exception! The entire Hall family stepped it up and laid out a giant spread of food that included treats from the grill such as burgers, hot dogs, and some REALLY good sausage, as well as chicken wings, baked beans, chips, and other good munchie food. Mike's mom knows a good meal isn't complete without a good dessert, so she baked up a massive amount of homemade brownies to feed the troops.


The day began with fresh donuts and cloudy skies, which eventually turned into a typical Florida summertime thunderstorm, but the rain was not enough to wash away the motivation of the volunteers or the kids! As the volunteers pulled in and unloaded their cars, trucks, and trailers, the event pavillion went from an empty shell with some lonely picnic tables into a full on party station, complete with live music, courtesy of a local kiter friendly band. The band was cranking out the tunes all day, and we even got a few audible treats from everybody's favorite rocker, "Bayflite" Bryan. Bryan is a fixture on the local kiting scene, and you can bet that if there's a grill around, he'll be behind it! He jumped in on the cooking duties to help out and after everyone was stuffed to the gills with burgers, dogs, and sausage, he borrowed a guitar and threw down some tunes. Other notable chefs included "Wild Bill" Parker, Mitch Hall, and of course, Mike's mom!

As the food was being prepared, the kids all did what they came to do- have FUN! Mike had many fun things planned for them, as well as an arsenal of Frisbees, skim boards, water noodles, and even a slip-n-slide! The volunteer chefs and servers made quick work of getting everyone's plates filled with all the goods, and its teamwork like that which makes an event run so smoothly.

Once the food was served and the skies cleared, the entire troop hit the beach to soak up some sun and get in the water. The kids were greeted by a flotilla of skim boards, surf boards, and stand up paddle boards, complete with professional athletes and instructors to get these kids stoked on the water sports we love!

Of course, all of the kids took right to the boards and were ripping it up in no time! Standing there on the beach was simply an amazing sight, with all the kids and the staff smiling, laughing, and reveling in their accomplishments on the boards, and really was the highlight this perfect day. Many of the kids displayed a promising future in water-sports, but one of them really stood out from the crowd with his determination and progression on the skim boards. As a result, he was awarded one of the boards by Nekton Surf Shop and presented by host Mike Hall. Mike also donated all the frisbees and pool toys to the group, so these kids can continue their newfound beach lifestyles back in Tampa.

ASF and Kite4Life would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors of this event, including the Hall family, Nekton Surf Shop, Watersports West, and the Tampa Bay Rays. Even in these tough economic times, these fine locals, kiters, and businesses pulled together an amazing event that, at the end of the day, sent every single person home with a smile!

Mission accomplished! See ya next year....

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