Our Team

The ones who make ASF possible

Steve Sadler

Steve is the founder of ASF and began his effort over 10 years ago, and has crated many valuable partnershipin the community that helps fulfill the ASF Mission.


Tony Torres

Tony is the heart and soul of ASF Adaptive Sports and our Florida WCMX Program over the past several years. He is also representing ASF in the 2017 WCMX World Championships again this year!

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"Action Sports has changed our lives, our minds, and the way we look at the world itself. Whether it's getting in shape, finding new friends, reaching personal goals, or becoming a professional athlete, ASF is a solid foundation to build on."

Action Sports FoundationAction Sports Foundation was built with one thing in mind- to share the positive, healthy lifestyle of action sports. What we didn't immediately realize, was all the incredible ways we can benefit more than just other people, but to benefit entire communities. Over the past 8 years as an organization, we have had the honor of working with some truly inspiring people, and that continues to this day with our current 2015-2017 Board of Directors listed below.

Our core team at ASF brings some great people from different action sports and different backgrounds together to work in fulfilling the ASF Mission and Objectives.
Having different backgrounds and experiences is our biggest asset, as it helps us truly see what we can do to help each other.

We're always looking for motivated individuals or groups who want to help make ASF better every day. If you have an idea of how we can work together, please get in touch and let's make it happen!