Frequently Asked Questions About Action Sports Foundation

Here's a few of the most asked questions and answers about our organization and what we do.
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Frequently Asked Question About Action Sports Foundation

Action Sports Foundation is 501(c)3 charitable sporting organization. We're a 100% Volunteer organization comprised of action sports athletes, industry friends, and people in the community.
Our Board Members are listed in the "Our Team" pages, with each member bringing their unique experience and talents to the table. In addition, ASF has specific committees for fundraising, events, etc.
Absolutely! We are a 501(c)3 chraitable organization and an provide a donation receipt upon request. 100% of your contribution goes to ASF events and programs.
All of it! We're proud to have volunteers donate their services for administrative costs, advertising, and to fill typically salaried positions at other orgs.. View our org. profile on Guidestar Charity Check for more information.
We do our best to help give everyone who wants to get into action sports a chance to do so. If you're interested in attending and ASF Adaptive Sports event or clinic, simply join out Community Forum and choose "Beneficiary" as your profile type.
Everyone involved! Whether it's the person who's learning action sports, or the person doing the training, we all benefit from that awesome feeling of learning something new!
Can our group or club do ASF Events & Programs?
Yes! We encourage it, and will help you as much as we can. There are a few requirements for legal purposes, but something anyone can set up and do in their community. Please contact us to discuss how we can get started.
Is ASF limited to action sports? What about team sports like football?
We're are 100% focused action sports because that's what we love, but there are thousands of noble team sports type organizations that do a great job. We do work in partnership with other organizations to promote cross-training between sports.