• Connecting Action Sports and the Community

    Building Positive Relationships Through Action Sports
  • Team Jimmy Wheelz presenting

    WCMX Demo at the Spina Bifida of Central Florida's 2015 WalkNRoll fundraiser.
  • Wheel on up for Spina Bifida 2014. Fundaraiser for the 2014 WalkNRoll for Spina Bifida.

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CProviding adaptive sport training and event opportunities to Veterans and the disabled community.
CSupporting watersports safety and access by working with local Kiteboarding communities.
CShare The Skate promotes youth Skateboarding events and clinics.
ASF's mission is to promote the healthy, positive lifestyle of action sports in the community.
ASF Community Events provide great Volunteer opportunities for everyone to get involved!
ASF Adaptive Sports Community brings Action Sports opportunities to those with disabilities.
Our mission is to promote the positive, healthy lifestyle of action sports in the community.
Providing youth and adaptive sport opportunities to the public, youth, and to Veterans.
A coalition of industry professionals working together for the positive growth of action sports.
Meet the team of people behind the most positive vibe in Action Sports.
ASF Team Players donate their time and talent to their communities
We connect the action sports industry to the community
ASF Youth Programs combine action sports and community service among youth groups.
Our programs teach youth to set personal goals to become the person or athlete they want to be.
There's nothing like achieving a goal, whether landing a new trick, or helping a friend learn something new.
WS4WW provides kiteboarding learning opportunities and retreats for disabled American Veterans
Engaging disadvantaged youth in action sports and community service with our partners at The Childrens Home.
Preserving access for watersports and partners in environmental action projects, such as coastal cleanups.
Do some good in the neighborhood by becomeing and ASF Volunteer at one of our events or clinics.
Our Industry Partner Program is supported by responsible retailers and industry friends.
If you want to help but are just too busy, feel free to make a donation to show your support of our efforts.
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If you want to be an ASF Volunteer or get involved with ASF Events, click here!
Join Here to participate in ASF Adaptive Sports or as a program beneficiary.
We have an exciting 8-week series coming up for Adaptive Athletes and those looking to get into action sports.
Check out a recent WCMX Exhibition at Fossil Skatepark in St. Pete featuring Tony Torres from ASF Adaptive Sports!
Working together to preserve access, create more events, and help grow the sport in a positive direction.
Local associations are the future of our sport, and Kite4Life has the tools to get you started in your area.
Click Here to sign up and register for ASF Adaptive Sports Events & Clinics as a participant.
ASF Adaptive Sports salutes our military Veterans with awesome events.
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Choosing The Right Profile Type
The ASF Action Sports Community is the best place to hook up with Volunteer Opportunities, Mentorships, and other groups of interest.
Want to Volunteer? Let's Do This!
Want to Participate? Click Here!
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Check out the WCMX fundraiser for Spina Bifida in St. Pete, Florida hosted by Jimmy Wheelz.
Adaptive Indoor Surfing clinic for area Veterans from area VA hospitals. Check out the video here!
Awesome beach cleanup, a cookout, and of course a whole lot of watersports!
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Every aspect of ASF runs on Volunteer power, so if you have useful skills that would help us grow, let us know!
CKA Members are eligible to earn their volunteer hours through their local clubs.
Get in touch and let's try to make it happen!
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